Several years ago I was attending a conference and one of the speakers asked the question “What is the Title of Your Book?”. My initial thought was “I am not a writer and will likely never write a book, so…” He went on to discuss the importance of everyone’s unique experiences and perspectives that can have an impact on another person and even if you don’t feel you are a “writer” you do have a story to share and why not make it a book? This perspective hit me and actually inspired me to write a book…for few minutes until I started thinking about something else.

Well, the past couple of days this idea has been on my mind again. “Really, what would the title of my book be?” I would certainly not write a novel because it would be way to linear. I have always been a very hands-on, logical person who likes boundaries to follow. Coming up with creative ideas don’t seem to occur very often, so a novel was out of the question. How about a biography? “I was a kid, I grew up, I did that cool thing where I jumped on trampolines, got married, had kids…” again, too linear…

While looking through my daily tech feeds I came across an interesting blogging platform called Ghost. It focused on simplicity and the ability to integrate other services via its own API! Awesome! I like simple. Wordpress is awesome but it made me think too much to try and come up with a “Creative” theme to use. Ghost fit my personality. Simple, logical and complex if I wanted it to be. There was one problem, I am not a “blogger”, what would I do with a blog?

That’s it! My “book” could be a blog! With a blog I am not limited to a particular topic or style. I can simply share what is on my mind at that time which fits me. I seem to always be discovering new things to learn, new ideas to process and techniques that could help make life (or work) easier. As I start looking into these things I like sharing that info with others. What better place to do that than in a blog?

Okay, that is it. I am starting a blog. So I spun up a droplet on DigitalOcean running Ubuntu, installed Docker and deployed a Ghost container. Have no idea what I just said? Good, that can be a blog post! See, I am liking this already.

Really though, I hope this turns into something where I can share tips, ideas and experiences that you also find interesting or help you in some way. That may include, but not limited to, techie stuff, computer security tips, how to ride a bike, etc. Let me know what you think or if you have any requests.

Happy blogging!